Itchy and scratchy

My grandfather and father can stand out in the middle of a mosquito farm and not get bit.  Or at least they don’t seemed bothered by them–either they don’t care about the itchy little bumps, or the mosquitos truly don’t like them.

Sadly, they love me.

Looking back on our posts, it occurred to me that while I posted about the very cool and green Mosquito Barrier, I never let you all know how it worked.  I’m happy (and itch free-ly) excited to tell you that it’s been working brilliantly–so much so I ordered another gallon of it.  It came in this week, and I’ve been diligently reapplying it to the yard, and craving Italian food and bread sticks ever since.

Favorite part about the whole experience?  Convincing skeptical neighbors that concentrated garlic juice can actually repel bugs.  Ain’t nature and science fun?


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