Air Conditioning Wars

We have AC wars in the L household.  I’m always cold, JGL is always hot.  On the rare days I concede to actually turning the AC on, I’ll set the thermostat at 78, and somehow it will dip down to 76-77 when I’m not looking.  It’s a playful “war,” but one that will undoubtedly go on for the rest of our years together.

The paper described the heat of this weekend as being “oppressive,” and Little Miss I Never Go Anywhere Without a Sweater is actually hot, and thus the AC is on in the house.  Which I hate to admit, but I was eternally grateful for yesterday as we spend the better part of the morning ripping out the remaining pea plants, creating tomato cages from fencing, tilling up the new plots and planting more beans (burgundy and more october beans).

By the time we were done with all that work (add in a trip to Lowes since the tiller burnt out a spark plug), we were huffing and puffing and sweating so bad I thought for a minute it was anywhere between the years 2000-2003 and I was running around a blazing hot field hockey field, debating on whether or not I was going to throw up.  It wasn’t pretty.  At all.  Couple that with tube top gardening at its finest, and you had two of the classiest people in Amherst County right in our back yard.  But in the end, the garden is looking awesome–the Rutgers Tomatoes are filling out and if the weather stays hot we’ll hopefully have tomatoes on the table soon, silks are coming in on some of the corn, and the flower buds on the cucumbers and acorn squash are almost there in terms of opening up.  We’ll soon be drowning in produce, and I cannot wait!

Pair that with the incredible rain that started 15 minutes after we finished up, and we’re in good business right now.

Until we start messing with the AC controller again 😉


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