Oh Companion Crop of Mine

It seems like the garden is changing and morphing every time I step into it!  We finally got it weeded out so it looked respectable again, and I was able to stake up the tomatoes that need it the most–we need to procure more stakes this weekend.  But we have distinct and soon to be ripening tomatoes all over the place (up front and out back!), and we’re both excited to have that first grown-ourselves tomato of the season.

The thing I’ve been tickled the most by this week is our corn–the “tassels” have started to emerge on the first two rows we planted, and our pole beans that we planted in and amongst the corn is in fact starting to trellis up it.  The ones where I gave the corn a month head start seem to be doing a bit better than the ones I planted the seeds together, but hopefully they’ll start to catch up soon. 

 On the books for this weekend includes taking out the last of the peas (the snow peas went away late last week), and finding goodies to replace those spaces.  We have some purple podded bush beans that could go in, but any suggestions would be much appreciated 🙂

And updated pictures are up!


One thought on “Oh Companion Crop of Mine

  1. Charlene says:

    The peas were more like appetizers. Your father and sister and you would eat the peas. I can’t remember ever cooking fresh peas. I guess I am deprived. Not to worry I’ll adjust and so will you. Go to Kroger’s freezer section and buy the bags of peas.

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