Weeds, Bleck!

I just stepped back inside after a first attempt at really weeding the veggie garden after two weeks of visitors, rain, and general weeding neglect.

It’s bad, people, it’s real bad.

So bad that me and my glass of wine are going to take a break and ogle at the beauty of my very un-weedy front flower gardens and a butterfly bush that seems to be growing by feet, not mere inches, overnight.  It’s much prettier and saner up front!

One deck for the remainder of this week, though, is thoroughly weeding out the back garden, and thwarting the efforts of that pesky something that is annihilating the October beans.  The ‘maters out back need to be staked, and I need to start thinking about when to pull the plug on the peas, and what I want to put in their place.

In the meantime…the first strawberry pie of the season!


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