Out, out, you wretched mosquito!

I feel a little like Elmer Fudd trying to keep these pesky critters at bay! My folks were down this past week and during one of multiple tours of the garden we discovered that some hungry fellers have been army crawling under the fence. We’ve also been trying to foil gnats and Mosquitos with copious amounts of bug spray.

For the critters getting in, we’re going to have to find the vulnerable spots on the fence, and we put a good charge of hot shot (per my parents advice) around the perimeter. I’m pretty sure most of it got washed away in the few but mighty storms we’ve had the past few nights, so we’ll be trying again soon.

We’re limited with how many chemicals we throw out to ward of the buggies a) by choice and b) because of the pooches. My trust co-worker JG suggested an All-natural alternative Mosquito Barrier ,and I just finished drenching the backyard in it. I’m pretty sure I smell like garlic bread, but if this works it will be worth it!

Tomorrow will be an intense Memorial Day weeding effort in the veggie garden and some maintenance in the front gardens–we’ll have more pics for you all soon!


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