Mulch-y goodness

I know gardening, for some people, provides a zen-like experience.  For me, I kind of feel like a kamikaze gardener–I get something in my brain that I’m going to do and I do it.  Like the time I made JGL help me rip out all the rhododendron bushes in the front yard.  Or when I thought we should expand the veggie garden.  Or this week, when I had it in my mind that I was going to mulch the front beds.

JGL’s on a golf day today, which is good because I mulch alone.  Not that I don’t enjoy his company, but for whatever reason, I really enjoy the act of mulching, and I really enjoy it when I have the opportunity to do it by myself (weird, I know).  And when I’m feeling like I need to do something meaningful and tangible, mulching does it for me.  So JGL bartered with the neighbor for the use of his truck, and we’re both happy campers about how we spent our Saturdays.

I won’t be able to walk tomorrow, but I am feeling a whole heck of a lot better about myself 🙂

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