We have sprouts!

It’s been a crazy week for us here at the house–I’ve been gone traveling for work since last Friday, and JGL has been holding down the fort/dogs/plants.  VA in the spring time is just incredible for the sheer fact that things change and grow daily.

When I left the tomatoes were still…dirt.  When I came home today–we have sprouts!!  Lots and lots and lots of sprouts.  I so appreciate JGL’s care and dedication, and we’re excited to move forward and try to get these guys from seedlings and into the ground.  Last year we got this far and then mold and nastiness overtook the entire crop.  This year we’re using Margaret Roach’s approach, and as such we have fans abound trying to help the seedlings develop strong stems and keep the mold at bay.

The sugar snap peas are also starting to come up, as well as the clematis and tons of daffodils.  This weekend in between work stuff we’re going to start making trellises, and hopefully get another row of peas in.  In the meantime, we’re having a fun time watching how everything is growing and changing!


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